THE YO COMPANY is a young, dynamic and innovative company with products which unite design, functionality and safety.

The products are based on ideas which facilitate and beautify the everyday life.

With our first product “yo loc”, we create more safety for your handbag on your front car seat or back car seat.                                       Next to safety “yo loc” blaze with its high-quality Design for your car.

The Beginning

Every time we are braking our car or taking a curve the handbag or shopping bag, which is placed next to us on the front seat, falls down and all things inside our bag fall out.

THE YO COMPANY GMBH was founded in 2018.

Why yo loc?

” yo ” stands as a synonym for “yours” and is based on the idea to create your individual and personal yo loc.

” loc ” stands for the move when you lock your bag into the carbine.

Why is yo loc unique?

Its easy and quick installed. It has many sides of use, its practical, functional and easy to handle..

You can set up your very own Design of your yo loc and you can change it any time.

Where to find more about us?

We share the life of THE YO COMPANY on our social media channels and are happy to count you as a follower.

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